Losing You

Back To Reality

I’ve been good and I’ve been bad
And yeah maybe sometimes I’ve been a little sad
But nothing could prepare me for losing you

I’ve been overjoyed and I’ve been hurt
And even made to feel like I am dirt
But lately what hurts the most is losing you

I’m getting used to standing in the rain
Hoping you’ll love me again
But I’m not gonna hold my breath this time
‘Cos I’ve got other mountains I have to climb

I’ve been sane and I’ve been a little crazy
And Lord I know sometimes I am damn lazy
But the feeling I can’t get over is of losing you

I’m getting used to lying in the dark
Waiting for that one little spark
That’s gonna prove that I have moved on
And I can cope with you gone

I’ve been a fool and I’ve been a mess
And there are certain things I have to confess
Like I love you and I hope I can handle losing you…oooh


© Music & Lyrics – Lauren Rich