Lauren performs on BBC London with Gaby Roslin

Posted 07 Oct 2013 in News

After a tough week in Birmingham with work I got a phone call whilst I was on the train back to London from a friend who works at BBC London and he asked me to be on Gaby Roslin's show the following day.  Short notice, but who in their right mind would say no??!!  Not me, that's for sure!

It was an absolutely incredible experience.  I was mingling with celebs and trying not to get starstruck.  This is really difficult when you're sitting in a room with Gaby Roslin and chatting in the foyer with TOM ELLIS!!! #swoon

You can listen back to my performances by clicking below and see the photos in the Gallery by clicking here.



Lauren Rich on BBC London with Gaby Roslin 05.10.13 by Lauren Rich on Mixcloud


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  1. 07 October 13, 9:10pm

    Hey well done again! You lucky lucky LUCKY person to be in the studio with Tom Ellis!!!

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